Testimonials from Clients

Anthony Lustmord of The Lustmord fully endorses Michael Beck and suggests any band looking to record to do so with him as the producer!


Thor Shreddington of Losing God agrees! There's only one guy to go to as far as we're concerned! Michael Beck at Soundvision is the man!


Ryan Patrick of Top Dead Center says Michael Beck is the fucking man!


Stan Liberty of Paisty Jenny just got the mixes for the record, STELLAR !!!! you are the REAL DEAL !!!


Thank you Michael! We just wanted to let you know that it was pleasure to
work with you. You were so impressed and happy with the end result and with your work ethic and we will definitely pass along your amazing professionalism and expertise to our friends and partners. We look forward to hearing the end results.
Thanks! Born Loser and the Hangers On.


Kick Ass Micheal! And YES - if you want an amazing recording Micheal is your man!
Gregg Lee(Paisty Jenny)



U are god mike,u are god mad props on the are recording. see u sometime soon thanks
AFD jeff


finally we're going back to the studio..we cant wait man!


Well holy shit! its my favorite freakin studio in the whole wide world! thanks for all the bad-assery this weekend. we're stoked for the songs and it was a blasty hangin with you guys again.
Dr. Joshua Bloom: I Make It Happen


mike ur awesome man. thanks a lot. we are deff. coming back in like a few months to finish up our EP for sure.
Bring Forth The Enemy


thanks for coming to our show in phx. we loved working with you and will def. recommend you to everyone. we are still going to try to play more shows up there so we will keep in touch.
Burning Daylight


Hows it goin man? I had a great time in your studio recording the Cd, and im glad that you're helping us with everything...even though we sometimes have our head up our ass!! Thanks alot, -Landon/Split The Enemy


Thanks for all your help man... If anyone is reading this that isn't Michael Beck and you haven't worked with him... GIVE HIM A CALL 'CUZ HE'S A ROCKING PRODUCER AND HE'LL MAKE YOU STUFF SOUND HUGE!!! Whew, all this writing is making me tired... I'm going to go
take a nap!!! Haha.


You're amazing! The new CD sounds SICK!!! Have a great day Mike!
-Steve Idle Red


awesome job with my brothers band
Grant -Aimless


Mike Beck is the man!
The Zen Men


We really appreciate everything you did for us! It was so much fun recording and you can take all the credit for that. Thanks for coming out to the show too. We will get your poster signed and to you asap! Thanks again.
Tyler Capt. Squeegee


hey bro whats up....... just wanna say u kick ass! loving the recordings, cant wait to work with u again!


whats going on bro! man ur recording are really impressing the crews in cali man everybody is loving our sound and especially the sound quality of our recordings! we have u to thank for that! thx a lot bro!




your tha shitt mike..stright up haha




Hey Michael, how's it going? We just wanted to let you know how much everone loves the recordings! We can't wait to do more with you.
Out of Reverie


Hey Mike! Kick ass! Glad you found me here!!!! You RULE!! "Your Frequency Has Been Changed" Now infect the others......


Thanks for all that you have done for the band believe us when we say we hope to record more stuff with you in the future.


whats up michael beck thanks so much for the great work cant wait till the cd is ready, rock on bro......
mikey d vocals-Playing God


Our lastest recordings were recorded with Michael Beck from Soundvision Recording Studios located in Mesa AZ. If you are planning on doing any recordings in the near future, you definitely need to check this Studio out. Top of the line gear and a GREAT guy to work with.