SoundVision Equipment

We have plenty of all the "right" gear to make a national sounding demo or an international release. All the hi-end mic pres, EQ`s, compressors & microphones to make it happen, but with out the prices that that "right" gear usually comes with.

The control room features a Control24/Focusrite console that is completely automated, Pro Tools HD3 Accell on a Mac G5 with
dual monitors, mic pres & compression from Neve, Focusrite, Trident, Joe Meek, DBX, etc.

Part of the studios mic collection along with all the standards include the mighty Manley Gold Reference tube microphone!

Picking up everything from breaths of air to unbelievable vocals to a huge drum room sound. The Manley does everything, & does it very, very well.

Some in-house amplifiers artists can use to get that "perfect" tone.

When you're not tracking, kick back in the lounge...

Multiple TV's with video games and movies.