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From Athens We Fled

FAWF tracked and released their new EP "CTRL/ALT/KILL" and are getting spins on 98 KUPDs "Into The Pit"

Horse Head

Horse Head has enjoyed some 98 KUPD airplay in the Phoenix valley after tracking the first songs for there upcoming release.

Alice Coopers "Taste of Christmas Pudding" 2012

Tracked Alice Coopers 2012 "Pudding" release with Prone To Wander,Gus C,Run2Cover,and Suite 88

Deep Black Led

Producer and owner Michael Becks band Deep Black Led is is cutting their debut release

Andrew W.K

Andrew W. K was in doing editing for his upcoming release.

Keeping Shay

Keeping Shay (pictured without their drummer)has been in tracking their upcoming full length release.

Paisty Jenny

Paisty Jenny spent the summer on tour and then released their new cd "Head In A Haze" and a video for the single "Anything".You can check it out here:


Jeordie was in recording a track for the 2011 Alice Cooper Proof Is In The Pudding cd.The track was written by her mom,Melanie Safka,who scored a top 5 hit in 1971 with "Brand New Key".

In Peril

With elements of American 7 string metal blended with European thrash and melodic death,In Peril were recording a single.Check out "Fall of Eden" here:


Christian Iverson 14(bass/lead vocals),Brandon Iverson 13(drums/vocals),and their best friend and neighbor, Colin Kuntz 14 (guitar/vocals)are Run2Cover.They were in recording some new material for the School Jam USA National Battle of the bands. Vote for them here:

Atoms Fall

Blending elements of Tool, Alter Bridge and Rage Aginst The Machine, Atoms Fall is busy recording their new cd. The first single Sin Eater is available now at

Top Dead Center

Top Dead Center released "Livin The Scream" to the masses.You can check out the first single "Hope To Die" here:

Failing to Fly

Failing To Fly was in recording the first few tracks off thier upcoming release.


Rob Randolph Band released their video for the track "Distaste" off their new cd. You can see it here: Rob Randolph "Distaste"


Heres the link

Born Loser and the Hangers

An article for Born Loser And The Hangers On in Phoenix New Times Magazine.Also a link to thier video for "Mosquito",the first single off their new EP.


See the full article here.

Losing God

Losing God just released thier newest cd. Here is a recent review.

Paisty Jenny

The new cd from Paisty Jenny "Head In a Haze" will be in stores this summer.On tour now with Saving Abel and Red Line Chemistry supporting the new single "Anything" - out now.


Billy Smiley (Whiteheart) was in tracking vocals. Pictured here with SoundVisions assistant engineer Mark Gray.


Lustmord was in tracking and mixing a song for a movie soundtrack with help from Ritual Steel singer John Cason.

Rob Randolph

Rob Randolph and band finished tracking thier new cd.Thier first single "Distaste" is out now with a video for the song out shortly.

Paisty Jenny

Paisty Jenny has just finished tracking thier next release.Michael Beck is at the helm mixing for a summer release.

Top Dead Center

Arizona`s own Top Dead Center has been in finishing up vocal tracks for thier upcoming new release with producer Michael Beck.Look for it in stores this summer!

Losing God

Losing God are in tracking and mixing the debut release that should be out before the end of the year.They are pictured here with producer and avid Viking fan Michael Beck.Check for some of the new material as well as soundbites from them on Arizona`s 98 KUPD.


ex-Legend of A Sailor drummers new band Andromeda will be playing with The Wakening at their cd release on 09/11 at Chaser`s in Scottsdale. Check their new music out at

The Wakening

The Wakening was in to track and mix their new cd.They are pictured here with producer Michael Beck.They will be releaseing the new cd on Sat. 09/11 at Chaser`s in Scottsdale.Some of the new release is up at

Secondary Truth

Arizona`s Secondary Truth was in to track and mix the first part of thier upcoming release entitled "Genre".They have have been enjoying some airplay on the valleys rock station KUPD with the track "3`s Company".Find them at


The acoustic/rock/pop duo JaMm was in to record and mix the first of their upcoming release. Check `em out at jasonandmatthewmades

SoundVision Compliation

Some great tracks on this disc.Some never before released from Split The Enemy,Top Dead Center,DeepBlackLed,Andromeda,The Wakening,The Foxfire Experiment,as well as No Longer Together,Sandaka,Secondary Truth,Lustmord,and Losing God.First 100 in the door get it FFFFRRRREEEEEE!!!

Top Dead Center

Top Dead Center was in recording thier debut release. Watch for it on shelves and them on tour this summer. Some of new tracks are up on the myspace page now. Check `em out!

Split The Enemy

Split The Enemy was just in and re-tracked vocals for a song from their latest release "The Beast Manifest" with new singer Tyler Coleman (pictured with guitarist Mike Ellerbeck). Watch for new material this fall.

75 Summers

75 Summers singer Todd Owens hangs out in the lounge while recording his acoustic solo E.P. Look for a release this summer.

Nothing Add All

Punk rock band Nothing Add All was in doing the first tracks for thier upcopming E.P.

Guitaras Latinas

The latin sounds of Guitaras Latinas were just in recording their newest release. Pictured here with producer Michael Beck.

Link Haze

Link Haze from Phoenix ,AZ was in doing some demo tracks.

Runaway Phoenix

Alice Coopr`s son Dash brought in his band Runaway Phoenix to record the opening track for the Alice Cooper "Taste of Christmas Pudding"cd which is available at all Hot Topic stores.Some of the best bands the Phoenix valley has to offer recorded tracks with producer Michael Beck for the disc. All proceeds go to Alice`s charity Solid Rock,to help build a music oriented teen center in Phoenix.Go to for more info.


Lustmord started the first several tracks for a new upcoming They are pictured with the guitarist from Kult of Thorn who did some additional guitar tracks.

The Skacas

The Skacas finally finished their highly anticipated debut release as well as contributing a track for the Alice Cooper "Taste of Christmas Pudding" cd.They are pictured here with producer & SoundVision Recording owner Michael Beck.New tracks are up at

Ray Mill

Former Capitol Records artist Ray Mill was in to do his new release.You can check it out at

Top Dead Center

Top Dead Center was in recently to record the first few songs for thier new release.Check `em out at

Flying Standby

Flying Standby were just back in finishing their debut release.Look for it in stores before the end of the year.They also have a track on the new Alice Cooper "Taste of Christmas Pudding" cd. Hear some of the new music at

Split The Enemy

Split The Enemy is currently working on a new track that will feature Soilwork singer Björn Strid guesting on vocals. Pictured is STE guitarist Mike Ellerbeck,SoundVision Recording producer Michael Beck,STE guitarist Zack Martin,Soilwork singer Bjorn Strid,STE singer Nick Charles & solo artist Dylan. Look for the new track as an internet only release in Oct/Nov.

Burning Daylight

In from New Mexico to record & mix their "Dreams They Sold Us" release,was hardcore/rock band Burning Daylight.

Haven James

Acoustic rock/blues & 2 time Phoenix Music Awards nominee Haven James just finished their new full legnth cd "Things We Thought We Knew". Look for it in stores before the end of the year.


Acoustic rock/blues & 2 time Phoenix Music Awards nominee Haven James just finished their new full legnth cd "Things We Thought We Knew". Look for it in stores before the end of the year.

Flying Standby

Phoenix rock/alternative band Flying Standby were in recording new material.


The 2008 Tucson Music Melee winners Rocksauce were just in doing some new material with engineer Nick Cruz.

Captain Squeegee

Capt. Squeegee came back in after recording their debut e.p to record & mix their first full length cd "Nothing vs. Everything". Look for it in stores now.

Split The Enemy

Up & coming young metal sensations Split The Enemy finished mixing their first full legnth release "The Beast Manifests" which is in stores now.

Womb Broom

Experimental/progressive metal band Womb Broom & The Janitors of Love were just recording new material.


Diluted has been in recording new material for an upcoming full legnth release.

Split The Enemy

Arizonas Split The Enemy are in pre-production with producer Michael Beck & will be back in the studio for their follow-up to their debut ep "Hope In Distance". This will also be their first full legnth release. Look for the cd on shelves & them on tour this summer. You can hear some of the already finished tracks on their Myspace page at

This Seasons Love

This Seasons Love. A Ppop/indie rock band from Chandler,AZ were just in doing some new material. Check `em out at