SoundVision Portfolio

Some of the projects Michael has worked with include Dream Theater (Elektra), Pete Loren (ex-Trixter,Aezra Records), Abigail Williams (Candlelight Records), Knights Of The Abyss (Fearless Records), Split The Enemy (The Family Management), Tom Tatman (StoneSour,Tora,Tora), The Alice Cooper Tribute CD (Invisible Records), Alice Cooper "Proof Is In The Pudding" CD(Alice Cooper/Solid Rock), David Seibels (Eve 6), Jarra (Lion Music Group), PhunkJunkeez (Interscope/Suburban Noise), Victims In Ecstacy (Sellout Records), Coughing Up Blood (Asperu Records), The Reflection (Common Wall Media), XRayOK (Cordless Records), Crushed (Mike Clink/911 Records), Billy Smiley (Whiteheart, Justified, Skyharbor), Ritchie Corsello (Eddie Money, Y&T) and many others.


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